Every once in a while an idea comes along and changes things. Every so often timing, opportunity and capability intersect to create something totally new. A leap forward. An innovation. The evolution of personal finance is upon us. The Opus Centerpoint™ is the next generation in private wealth planning and lifestyle preservation that intersects uncommon wealth strategy with timeless stewardship and accountability. Know your center. Act on it.
Step OneEnvision
We start with understanding. In this first meeting we share our way of looking at wealth building and interview you about the way you see your future. We discuss goals, risks and opportunities. If we agree that we’re a mutual fit, we’ll move ahead together.
Step TwoConnect
In this second step we go deeper into an understanding of your entire financial landscape and develop a sense of your center. We look at all current wealth strategies and heritage, and their meaning to you.
Step ThreeThe Opus Centerpoint™
After close analysis and rigorous testing, we present our findings and a personal economic model to you. The Opus Centerpoint™ intersects your vision, lifestyle needs and wealth goals with a powerful financial engine to drive it.
Step FourActivate
We preserve your focus. By balancing clear communication with swift and decisive activity, we remain aligned with your vision as we activate the plan – all while maintaining simplicity and ease for you.
Step FiveEvolve
Life is a dynamic process of growth and change. Our strategy is built to evolve with it. As stewards of your financial future, we connect routinely with you and your family and when appropriate, re-calibrate your plan to reflect evolving personal, professional and economic circumstances.
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