The Opus Advantage

Driving Sustainable Healthcare Savings

On average, Opus Advisory Group’s clients have realized a 9-12% reduction in healthcare renewal costs without having to change their plan design or carrier.

How do we do that? And more importantly, why isn’t everyone?

We help you understand all your options:

Opus Advisory Group starts with creative strategy and thinks in 5 year increments. Then we guide you through the maze of healthcare, exposing you to carrier inefficiencies, incorrect pricing and every viable plan design available. We challenge carriers and supply you with a complete understanding of each plan offering.

We produce year-over-year savings:

Because we understand the statistical probabilities of claims for your census.

We remove HR from the day-to-day burden of benefits management:

The result is an open conversation between Opus Advisory Group and other carriers to negotiate on a realistic playing field and obtain a fair renewal with high quality coverage and, most important, sustainable annual renewals.

We take on the role of benefits management so you can focus resources and personnel elsewhere:

We believe that benefits management is a 365 day a year commitment and that you’d prefer to delegate and prioritize valuable resources and personnel elsewhere. We understand and take that role on for you.

Simply stated:

We get it.

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Opus Advisory Group cannot guarantee savings cost associated with health insurance